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What else would a pencil artist living in Wisconsin draw?

Death Hanged Man

Owning many renowned artists Tarot Decks, I am excited to start my very own.  However, at the size and pace a pencil restricts me too, I may never finish.  Or will I?


1340:  Plague masks have always intrigued me.  I was very happy with the finished product!


I love all creatures, large and small, flying, crawling, creeping, stalking.  I receive many comments on these fury friends and as long as it brings a smile to one persons face, I consider it a WIN!

SP24 (2)

Steampunk is always appearing and disappearing in society.  It is an incredible culture for those who live it on a daily basis.  I like putting my own twist and ‘signature’ on it!

TicToc Pigs Fly

Dragons have always been my first love with a good ‘ole graphite pencil between my fingers.  As I grow and evolve as an artist, my dragons have as well.

Doctor Hoot

Doctor Hoot: Always a fans favorite!  If you are not having fun what you’re doing, try harder!

Hey!  You made it to the bottom!  Thank you for looking.  I literally have hundreds of Originals, Prints and my awesome little Bookmarks with “many” of my completed works.  There are just way too many to put on here.  I hope this sampling is enough to interest you in searching me out at one of my shows.  Again, thank you for looking and I am looking forward to seeing you on the art circuit!

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Original Artwork by Annette Renee Wimmer

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